Paradise Found

Not just taking pictures, but creating experiences for you in Hawaiian photography


Paradise Found Photography is Hawaii's Premier personal service photography business.  Unlike any other photographic portrature, our mission is to both make indelible memories and facilitate wonderful and unique experiences for our clients in Hawaii. 

We are a company of people, the best in the state, each with a commitment to excellence in photography and flawless customer service. Our editors, post production artists, and personal guides are tuned to your amazing Hawaii experience while creating the most amazing photographs available, anywhere.

From the moment you are picked up by your personal butler, delivered to a secret and spectacular photographic location, you are pampered and prepared like Hollywood stars. Our photo shoots make you more than comfortable, you are the stars of a production, and treated as such every moment.

Your family, whether big or small, will certainly speak of the sunset where you found your paradise and have heirlooms in your home that bring it to your heart and mind, whenever you lose yourself in the images. Your forever images, of Paradise found.

Our photographers don't just take pictures, we create legends. 


settings in the portraits of visitors. 151206-347A family enjoying their HolidayIt's easy to offer the best of Hawaii for your visitors.


Beautiful WaikikiAbsolutely unforgettable North ShorePortraits session are not just pictures, they are amazing experiences. Immediately upon the first contact, throughout the portrait session and continuing to fulfillment, the key mantra is customer care.

We never forget that every customer's complete satisfaction is what distinguishes us from other vendors.

Perhaps most important to you: We practice mindfulness of your valued referral as we fulfill our customers wishes for the best service and product available on our islands. Our goal is to embed a notably positive perception of your hosting.

We hold sacred a  very serious  "can do" attitude throughout the customer experience.

The quality of our product is unmatched in Hawaii. Techniques that are long lost to an age of expediency are still fundamental to our photographic products. 



mahalo nui loa

Richard Gocinia CEO