Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.

Now that Patricia has purchased this gallery:
  1. All the watermarks are gone
  2. You can freely distribute these files to anywhere on earth
  3. This site will remain intact and available for 1 year 9/18/2016
  4. You can purchase custom prints from this site at my cost.
  5. download your image files, so they can have them printed at will.
  6. You'll receive a signed, license to print your images in any size and any amount, forever.

Here's how you can download all the files:
  • click on any one of your galleries:
  • Upper right, click "select photos"
  • Upper left: "Select All"
  • Upper right: Select: "DOWNLOAD"
  • Your computer will either ask you where you want to put them on your machine, or download them to your default download directory.
  • They'll be a .zip file.. click on that file when the download is complete and it will blossom into your original resolution image/files.

If you have any issues at all, please contact me.